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Cutting edge guided technology to restore your confidence and your smile.
Parts of an Implant
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With decades of experience in implant dentistry, we have  a system to restore your missing tooth/teeth with implant(s), in a manner that is safe, precise, and reliable.

Our Process: 

  • We take a Cone Beam CT (CBCT) for every patient. This allows our team to measure important anatomical landmarks such as your sinuses, important nerves, and areas with bone defects which normally are not obvious in regular x-rays. 

  • Next, we fabricate a “surgical guide” which serves as a safety measure for the dentist placing the implant to guide it into a predetermined location, angulation, and depth, allowing your surgical dentist to place the implant in the safest, most optimal position.

  • We produce bioengineered components based on your unique need including healing cap, temporary crown, and final crown or denture. This means you get the final restoration much sooner, with fewer adjustments and try-on appointments. Additionally, since the parts are customized to your mouth it leads to better, long lasting success.

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